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When our consultants go to your location, they will provide you with free quotations and estimations. We are experienced, well-trained specialists, so when you use our services, you won’t ever be hit with unforeseen bills or unpleasant surprises. At last, we are a prosperous business that provides excellent garage door track replacement services to deserving clients at prices that are competitive.

Apart from the garage door Track replacement services our other services include:

Door Techs
Garage Door Opener Installation

Among the most important parts of your house is the garage door, which needs to be guarded and preserved. For services related to installing garage door openers, you should work with a reputable business. Your garage door needs to operate smoothly. You should replace your garage door opener if you notice any noises coming from your garage door while it is functioning. One of our knowledgeable garage door opener specialists can install a new garage door opener in your home. We may also adjust the alarm sensors if they are misaligned on the garage door. Contact Door Techs Garage Door for quality garage door opener installation services whenever your garage door opener is having problems.

Door Techs
Garage Door Repair Service

The coming of irregular voices and sounds from a garage door is an indication that your garage door needs some repair work. Because we are offering the community affordable and reliable garage door repair services. There is a limit to everything and the same is the case with a garage door.

Door Techs
Garage Door Opener Repair Service

The garage door constitutes one of the most vital parts of any home, so it needs to be protected and repaired. If you hear any strange sounds from your garage door while it is operating, you should repair your garage door opener.

Door Techs
Garage Door Installation

You can put your trust in Door Techs Garage Door for any garage door installation, whether it is commercial or residential. We offer free estimation to you, at your doorstep. Our experts give you the best viable solution to your Garage door, that is affordable and works for the long run. Because after taking several repairs on the garage door, a point will come when regular repairs will not work for you. Providing cost-effective and affordable solutions is our top priority.

Door Techs
Garage Door Spring Replacement

Springs are an important component of garage doors, as they help garage doors to operate smoothly. The garage doors appear unstable when a spring fractures and can be exceedingly challenging to physically open because of the heaviness. We firmly recommend that our clients not utilize the door when this happens. A broken or fractured spring might further harm your garage door opener and the entire garage door system if you try to make it operate. We strongly advise hiring Door Techs Garage Door for garage door spring replacement to stop further injury to a garage door. We can replace your garage door spring within the same day.

Door Techs
Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage door cables perform a crucial job, and it is the most vital component of garage door functionality. For the smooth working of your door, the garage door cable must be in perfect condition. In case of any cable break, you should immediately contact a professional garage door replacement company to replace the broken or fractured cable on an urgent basis. Broken cable poses a serious threat to your security, so replace it immediately. That’s why Door Techs Garage Door offers its Garage Door Cable Replacement services within the same day.

Door Techs
Garage Door Roller Replacement

On the back end of garage doors, there are some vital components that make the functioning of the garage door hassle-free and smooth. These components must be in fine running condition to ensure the proper functioning of the garage door. If you are residing in Castle Rock and observed a broken or damaged roller then you should hire Door Techs Garage Door for its immediate replacement. To save you from any inconvenience, we are just one call away from you.

Door Techs
Garage Door Hinge Replacement

Your garage door would seem to be a bunch of disjointed sections that couldn’t raise or descend smoothly if the garage door hinges weren’t there. Garage door hinges might become rusty or unfastened with repeated movement, which over time may harm the panelling or the garage door rail. Door Techs Garage Door, in Castle Rock, is at your service to serve you on an urgent basis.

Door Techs
Garage Door Track Replacement

We are aware of the trouble and irritation caused by a broken garage, and we will stop at nothing to restore it to working order so you are able to continue your day. There are several reasons that contribute to the damage and derailment of your garage door track.

Door Techs
Garage Door Panel Replacement

A sudden car accident in your vehicle can break or bend the garage door panel of your residential place. The incident may occur when you are parking your vehicle in your garage. If this happens to you at your residence or commercial place in Castle Rock then don’t hesitate to give a call to Door Techs Garage Door. We offer you the best garage door panel replacement services in Castle Rock.

Door Techs
Broken glass

Broken glass on a garage door can be a safety hazard and compromise the insulation and security of your garage. It’s important to contact a professional garage door technician to replace the broken glass promptly. They can ensure the new glass is properly installed and sealed for safe and efficient operation.

Door Techs
Residential Garage Doors

Door-Techs proudly sells and installs Lift aster and Genie garage door openers for any residential or commercial application. We offer belt drive, chain drive, screw drive, jackshaft, trolley and hoist openers to fit any need. Belt drives are quiet, smooth, virtually maintenance free and perfect for homes with living space above or next to the garage. DOOR-TECHS can install and repair any residential or commercial garage door opener in the market today. All installation work is done by our own experienced IDA Certified technicians so you can be sure that the garage door opener we install will function perfectly each and every time.

Door Techs
Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial garage doors come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and level of insulation. Door-Techs is proud to offer a wide selection of overhead doors for all budgets and needs. The professionals at Door-Techs have partnered with QUALITY manufacturers to provide you help with any commercial or industrial project.

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Door Techs Garage Door is a professional company based in Castle Rock serving the Denver Metro and the surrounding cities that provides Garage Doors, Garage Doors Openers, Sales, Installation and repair services.
Our main missions is to offer our customers in Castle Rock and the surrounding cities quality services with affordable pricing.


We fix it right the first time for less than any other door company! In today’s economy some companies have become very creative in hidden fees they tack on to their “get them in the door price”. Not Door-Techs. We will provide you with a quote before we start the work so you know exactly what you are paying. We have no hidden fees. We do not charge a fuel charge. We do not charge a service call or trip charge. We do not charge you for labor or parts that are not necessary. We want your 100% satisfaction knowing you got your door problem solved at the very best price.


DOOR TECHS GARAGE DOOR is committed to meeting the needs of our clients during these unprecedented times. This is why we are offering a free DOOR TECHS GARAGE DOOR visualizer to give our clients a virtual snapshot of what their Garage door installation or repair will look like. Fill out the form to receive your free 3d model and projected estimate.


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